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szohr_icons's Journal

Jessica Szohr
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icons for miss Jessica Szohr
a-janet-jackson-at-the-snowflake-ball, abrams, acting, actress, adam brody, adam/jessica, amanda sutton, awesome style, blair waldorf, blair/vanessa, blake lively, brain/laura, brooklyn, cabbage patch kid, chace crawford, chace/jessica, chuck bass, chuck/vanessa, connor paolo, csi, csi miami, dan humphrey, dan/vanessa, dan/vanessa being bffs, dianna agron, dianna/jessica, does it matter?, dorota, drake & josh, dreama walker, ed westwick, ed/jessica, eric van der woodsen, fired up, georgina sparks, gg icons, gossip girl, gossip girl cast, gossip girl icons, heck yes jessica szohr, hilary duff, i never, icons, it makes jokes too, jenna dewan, jenny humphrey, jessica szohr, jessica szohr icons, joan of arcadia, katrina bowden, kelly rutherford, laura/brian, leighton meester, leighton/jessica, lindsay price, lj icons, margaret colin, matthew settle, michelle trachtenberg, model, modeling, my wife and kids, nan zhang, nate archibald, nate/vanessa, new york, nicole fiscella, olivia burke, olivia/vanessa, penn badgley, penn/jessica, people-who-want-more-blair/vanessa-scenes, piranha 3-d, rufus humphrey, rufus/vanessa, rumer willis, serena van der woodsen, serena/vanessa, some-creepy-love-triangle-with-yu-and-someones-mom, somebody help me, stunning, swestwick, szohr, szohr icons, taylor momsen, taylor/jessica, that's so raven, the cw, the reading room, the-house-at-the-end-of-the-drive, uncle nino, upper east side, valley girls, vanessa abrams, vanessa abrams icons, vanessa-and-olivia-being-roomies, vanessa/blair, vanessa/chuck, vanessa/dan, vanessa/nate, vanessa/olivia, vanessa/rufus, vanessa/serena, walks, weird documentary girl, what about brian, what's-that-your-stripper-money, what-i-like-about-you, wohr